Crook caught on video trying to snatch woman’s purse in broad daylight. But victim’s son, daughter spring into action, fight off crook, chase him away.

A 54-year-old woman was seen on surveillance walking up the steps to her Oakland home last week,
KGO-TV reported, when a man was seen moving quickly down the sidewalk:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @DionLimTV

He then made a fast left turn and headed up the steps after the woman:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @DionLimTV

What happened next?

The man attempted to snatch the woman’s purse and was seen in the clip pulling on it as he moved down the steps to the sidewalk, dragging the woman down the steps as well.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @DionLimTV

But the station said the victim’s daughter Jamie had just driven her mother home. And in the clip, Jamie, 22 — who presumably already was on or near the steps when her mother began walking up to the house — is seen next to her mother on the way down, joining in the fight against the crook.

And within seconds the victim’s son dashes down the steps and fights with the man as Jamie and her mother tumble backward and fall on the sidewalk and against a car.

The victim’s son, 17, chases away the crook — who appears to leave the scene empty-handed.

After checking whether their mom is OK, Jamie and her brother are seen running after the would-be thief. KGO reported that the he jumped into a getaway car.

17 & 22-y/o siblings chase & save their mom f/getting robbed outside their home in Oakland. nu2800nThe 54-y/o was coming home when a man started following her. The man follow her up the front stairs of her home & grabs her purse.nnThankfully her son is outsideu2026(1/3)

— Dion Lim (@Dion Lim)

What is crazy to me, is that Jamie told me very matter of factly she & her family have been attacked twice before while living in other parts of Oakland. nnShe chalks it up to bad luck. nnPersonally I think itu2019s more than just bad lucku2026something bigger needs to be fixed. (3/3)

— Dion Lim (@Dion Lim)

KGO reporter Dion Lim, who posted video of the incident, said the mother wasn’t badly injured, suffering scrapes from the purse tussle.

Jamie — who gave the station her first name only — later told Lim that she and her brother weren’t thinking about their own safety, just how to protect their mom: “Sometimes parents get nervous very easily, and they don’t know what to do. As the younger generation we try to protect the elder generation.”

Image source: KGO-TV video screenshot

Lim reported that Jamie called this incident “bad luck” since her family has been attacked and robbed twice before — and both incidents occurred in different parts of the city. Lim also noted in one of her Twitter posts concerning the incident, “Personally I think it’s more than just bad luck…something bigger needs to be fixed.” She added a “StopAsianHate” hashtag as well.

KGO reported that there have been no arrests.

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