Armed robbers break into swanky, Los Angeles-area home during holiday party and rob attendees

Two armed suspects confronted partygoers at an outdoor holiday celebration in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles on Friday evening, robbing them of their jewelry, phones, and more.

The victims said that no one was physically harmed, but they’re concerned that things may get worse if these types of crimes continue.

The robbery is just the latest in a spate of property crime in affluent Los Angeles-area neighborhoods.

What are the details?

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, two armed robbery suspects entered the residence and interrupted party festivities when they demanded that at least two guests turn over their valuables, including jewelry and electronics.

The anonymous homeowner told the outlet that they only realized the home was being burgled when two guests went inside the home to retrieve some of their personal belongings.

When the two guests entered the home, they were confronted by two male suspects who were reportedly armed with guns.

The suspects then took jewelry, iPhones, and an Apple watch from the two women and left.

According to the report, a public information officer for the Los Angeles Police Department said that the suspects fled the scene after the confrontation, and were gone by the time police arrived.

There is no information on the suspects at the time of this reporting.

“It’s more frustrating than it is scary,” the owner told the outlet. “I feel lucky that no one got hurt.”

Now, the homeowner is unsettled after he reportedly tried on several occasions to turn over security footage which apparently showed the suspects walking through the home’s front door, but has been unable to get in touch with the department in order to continue an investigation into the incident.

“A detective was supposed to call the women who were robbed, but that hasn’t happened yet, either,” he explained.

“No communications. He can’t get a hold of them,” the homeowner told KCBS-TV. “No one has reached out to us, and we were told they would reach out to us.”

LAPD confirmed to KCBS that an incident did take place at the Palisades home in question, but did not provide any additional information in time for publication.

On Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore — who said that he has not seen robberies “like this in decades” — said that he is putting together a task force to apprehend robbery suspects.

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